A Local’s Guide to Hawaii

I know I haven’t posted much this week, it’s been a tough few days for personal reasons, but blogging is my passion and I so appreciate everyone who stops by my blog and continues to give me so much love through social media. Today I thought I would share an article I contributed to on HotelClub.com featuring ‘A Local’s Guide to Hawaii.’ Here are my personal Hawaii favorites on everything from shopping to beaches to restaurants. For a full list of picks, check out the article here.


EmmaEmma from The Aloha Babe

Emma Wo is the current reigning Miss Hawaii USA who recently placed in the Top 10 at Miss USA 2015 and a former Miss Hawaii Teen USA. She is a fashion blogger and owner of TheAlohaBabe.com and has interned in the fashion closet at Vogue Magazine in New York City. A senior account executive at Bennet Group Public Relations, she represents clients in the areas of travel tourism and real estate.

1. Where can you find Hawaii’s best shopping?

I always love supporting our local boutiques and you can find tons of great things and pieces by Hawaii-based designers, too. Bamboo Sky, The Butik and Fighting Eel are a few that come to mind.

2. Where can you find the best beaches in Hawaii?

My favorite beach on Oahu is definitely Lanikai Beach. The water is crystal clear and amazing for snorkeling and kayaking. Two other favorites are Waimea Bay on the North Shore and Cromwells Beach in town — a hidden gem for locals.

3. What’s the best restaurant in Hawaii at the moment?

For fine dining, Alan Wong’s can’t be beat. They specialize in asian fusion cuisine and I highly recommend the ginger crusted onaga if you’re a fish lover like me. Other hot spots to try are The Pig & the Lady, Lucky Belly and MW Restaurant — don’t leave without trying their desserts!

4. Where can you find the best nighlife in Hawaii?

If you’re looking for great nightlife, I would recommend heading into Waikiki. The Modern Honolulu hotel has a great bar in the lobby called The Study, and a nightclub called Addiction that are popular on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Rumfire in The Sheraton Waikiki is another fun beachside bar to stop by.

5. What’s your favourite hotel/resort in Hawaii and why?

I recently stayed at The Modern Honolulu and had a fantastic time. It’s chic and perfect for it you want to stay just outside the hustle and bustle of central Waikiki.

6. Anything you would like to add?

Whenever anyone is visiting Hawaii for the first time, I always tell them to try authentic Hawaiian food. Some of the absolute best Hawaiian food can be found at Helena’s Hawaiian Food and Ono Hawaiian Foods.

Have an amazing week…XOXO