Hualalai Travel Diary

Ahh, vacation. Is there anything better? This past weekend, Holden and I decided we wanted to catch a break from our crazy schedules and celebrate our three-year anniversary at the same time. I’d been to the Four Seasons Hualalai a couple of times before years ago and Holden has always wanted to stay there, so we decided to take advantage of the resort’s amazing Kamaaina special right now and just go for it. At first when we were planning this trip I wanted to rent a car so we could explore the island a little bit and get off the resort. But alas, H convinced me that we should just take it easy on property. I’m so glad he did because it was nice to just chill out by the pool, take walks on the beach, eat (a little too much) delicious food and just veg. H also worked out twice a day at the resort’s beautiful gym but I forgot to bring my gym clothes or shoes, so I think subconsciously my body was telling me no. Side note: H said they have the best trail mix he’s ever had. My favorite part about the pools — there are three lounging pools, a lap pool, and a snorkeling pond — is that they come around every hour with a special amenity like fresh pineapple, Halloween candy, an evian spritz or a small frozen cocktail at the adult pool. Our first night, we dined at Ulu Ocean Grill which was every bit as delicious as it looks in the photos — I highly recommend the lobster tails and the New York steak. I have so many more photos to share but this post was getting long so I’ll post those tomorrow. Hope you had an amazing weekend.