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Budgeting — there’s a word I despise. For years I used to go to the salon to get my nails done every few weeks, but I’ve made so many trips there I’d probably faint if I added up all the money I’ve spent keeping my nails looking stylish. So about a year ago I made the decision to majorly cut down on my guilty pleasures (ombré hair, eyelash extensions and eyebrow waxing only!) and do my nails myself. Part of the strategy was to get a gel nail kit (I use the Sephora OPI kit) and buy polish only when it’s on sale. I recently picked up these Sally Hansen nail strips for about $6 and decided to give it a try. This was so easy for me, and I am the least artistic person I know…ask anyone. Start with clean, filed nails and follow the steps below.

1. Open package and choose french nail strips that best fit each of your nails.

2. Peel protective film from the top of first strip, and protective layer from the back of the strip.

3. Place the sticky side of the strip on your nail, adhere the strip with the flat side of the cuticle pusher.

4. Bend the strip over your nail and use the rough side of the file to gently remove.

5. Add glitter to tips if desired, then repeat all steps with clear strips. I decided to just put a layer of gel top coat and put it under my LED light for 1 minute. I always find that putting a layer of gel on top makes my manicure last 3x longer.