I just got back home to Hawaii from traveling to New York City and San Francisco and I’m so happy to be home.  There’s nothing like that first meal and cuddling up in your own bed after hours spent in planes, trains and automobiles. I wasn’t able to snap too many photos in NYC because our main mission was apartment hunting which took up two full days and I’m happy to say it was a success! My parents and I probably saw almost 20 units and by the end we were so exhausted and they all started to look the same but we finally decided on one and it’s everything I was looking for and more. I’ll be sure to share a couple of photos once it’s decorated and I’m all settled in. After NYC we stopped in SF for one day to celebrate my oldest sister’s birthday and visit my one-year-old nephew. We went out for ribs on Sunday night and the next day, we gave a cleaned-off bone to my nephew and he was entertained for like an hour, it was the funniest thing. Tonight I’m off to the Ted Baker Ala Moana store opening and can’t wait to see the new setup. Hope you’re all off to an amazing week.